pumpkin time

Sunday 24 March

Look at these beauties, our ten pumpkins all lined up. On Sunday we divvied up more beans and tomatoes, had a feed of strawberries and started on the manure and mulch. The garden is still packed with goodies for the coming months. Thanks to Jim for keeping up the watering – our plants are flourishing. Come and join us on Sundays 2-4pm and swap some good old gardening tips.


its 2013!….

Cant believe this is the first post for the year! Where have the weeks gone?! The gardens are madly producing tomatoes, basil, beans, pumpkins and kamokamo. Thanks to the dedicated team of waterers who have been keeping the plants happily feed during these dry few weeks. You guys are great and the plants love you for it!

This last Sunday we were joined by Phubeth who got stuck in with Jim and emptied and lined the rhubarb box. We took the opportunity to mix in some fresh compost and horse manure. That should keep the rhubarb happy! Some of the earlier boxes made out of recycled pallets didnt get lined with polythene and we’ve noticed the difference in their ability to retain moisture in the soil. There’s a couple more boxes to do in the next few weeks.



Pic above: Beatty and Ganga re-staking and tying up the tomato plants
. Below: Elizabeth hiding behind the tommy plants.


At this time of year there is lots happening at the gardens so pop on down Sundays 2-4pm if youre keen to join.

‘How to’ section….

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Kelly’s Diary Entry

It was a glorious, sunny Sunday, at the Mt Eden Community Garden.
Three people from the Local Board and Auckland Council came and visited. They came to see the hard work and huge effort we put into the Mt Eden Community Garden Centre. Sue and I turned the compost as Michele, Laura and Jackie talked to the Council. Sue and I got attacked again by a swarm of fruit flies! We also have a new member joining, Kelly. That’s right there’s another Kelly! We’ll call the new Kelly, Kelly 2, and me, Kelly 1! Kelly 2 watered all of the plants and did a fantastic job. Sue and Laura also built a new bed for more plants. They’re a great team! Sue also planted bok choy, while I planted hollyhock and sweet peas. After I finished planting the seeds, I watered them. Once you get me spraying (using the hose) nobody can stop me! Then, we ended this weeks Sunday with a cup of tea!


A blustery day with lots of showers, but 4 of us got lots done.

We also have a new raspberry barrel, which is now ready to go!

We worked on weeding,  compost, and clearing plots ready for planting. Great to have Michele back with us!

A hot sunny day for the gardeners

This week Kirsty, Elizabeth and Jackie began by moving all the compost, and digging the last load into the potato beds. (we desperately need more tyres now). We moved on to pulling up all the old brocolli and spinach, which then had to be chopped up for compost.  After that, we dug some new compost and manure into the bed, ready for planting. We also dug over another bed, and planted some squash seeds.
Tommy, and his mum, Sally arrived, and we also had a visit from a local family, who are keen to keep bees.
Everything was really dry so we watered, and  then  harvested silverbeet, rocket and herbs.
Looking forward to seeing you all next week with any seedlings you want to plant for summer harvests.

An action packed day

This Sunday Elizabeth, Jackie, Sue and Kelly came to the Mt Eden Community Garden.

Jackie watered all the seedlings that we planted today. We planted a variety of seeds including carrots, lettuce, beetroot, parsnip, eggplant and basil into empty beds and any free spaces.  We topped up the potatoes, and garlic beds with more compost. We also turned over the compost bins. Thousands of fruit flies flew up to us and started attacking us. We were definitely the bravest of brave! This Sunday was a very action -packed day!

By Kelly

a bit blustery

     A blustery day but we had 3 new  gardeners–Elizabeth, Tommy and Roi. We got to work straight away, and got lots done. Thanks guys!
    Broad beans were staked and tied, compost got turned, and we used some really rich stuff on the garlic, and other beds, watered with our home-made slurry, then  mulched with pea straw.
    Other jobs tackled were seed sowing, and unloading lots of wood for more raised beds—a raspberry container first please!

Kelly’s Diary Entry, August 26th

It was a gorgeous day at the Mt Eden Community Garden. The sky was a bright blue dotted with white puffyclouds.

The only people that were there to enjoy the lovely day were Jackie, Sue, Kelly and a brand new recruit, Ruth.

We all did our fair share of work, mostly weeding, watering all the beds and cutting the yellow leaves that were slowly dying away.

The main highlight of the day, you ask? Of course I have to admit, the main highlight was dodging all the humongous, yellow and black striped, KILLER (at least I think it was KILLER, anyway) bees and wasps. And to end this entry/blog: also equally sharing the main highlight’s limelight was getting a new stunningly amazing person to help us more with the Mt Eden Community Garden! What a great way to end this perfect Sunday!


from pallet to raised garden…

These pictures tell our story from last Sunday when we made a new raised garden out of discarded pallets. The pallets we used this time were all different sizes requiring some creative carpentry work. We learned skills like how to drive in that corner nail and that ‘flush’ was more than just a toilet word (adjective: completely level or even with another surface). This coming Sunday we’ll be filling it up with strawberry plants. Email us for more info on how you can make one for yourself at home.

Happy gardening.